[kde-freebsd] Re: [CFT] KDE SC 4.6.0 for FreeBSD.

Jerry kde-freebsd.user at seibercom.net
Tue Feb 1 13:28:24 CET 2011

On Tue, 01 Feb 2011 12:53:12 +0100
Hannes <list_kde-freebsd at soulrebel.in-berlin.de> articulated:

> I will do that next, although in general my experience when
> reporting bugs upstream is that everyone says they are
> FreeBSD-related and therefore noone volunteers to fix them :S

I believe that the obviously thing to do here would be to thoroughly
document the error(s) and or bug(s) and then assign the problem to the
correct entity.

Obviously, if the problem is FreeBSD specific you cannot reasonable
expect an upstream maintainer and or developer to invest much time in
providing a solution. That should rest with the FreeBSD developers.
However, if the problem can be proven to not be FreeBSD specific, then
a vigorous effort should be made to get the upstream developers to
correct the problem. I believe it is obvious that the more
documentation we can supply identifying the problem and proving where
the problem lies would be most beneficial.

In either case, there are all ready too many programs that either don't
work or don't work correctly in FreeBSD; ie, "/print/acroread9" that
should be corrected. I seriously question how much effort is being put
into the resolution of such problems. Playing the "blame game", then
sitting back and waiting for the other fellow to blink is never going
to accomplish much.

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