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Dima Panov fluffy at Fluffy.Khv.RU
Thu Sep 30 02:55:11 CEST 2010

>>>>>> G'day, Mario Theodoridis!
>>>>>> On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 17:05:59 -0700, You wrote:

> Hello,
> i've been biting my teeth out trying to get kdevelop-3.5.4 to work with 
> gdb-6.6. Every attempt to start the debugger i make hangs kdevelop.
> I've tried this on 7.3 release i386/amd64 and then also on 7 stable amd64 and 
> finally on 6 stable i386. All updated in the last 3 days.

> The reason i've been trying gdb 6.6 is because i've successfully been running 
> this configuration on linux, where i build everything kde3 from source.

> It's not clear to me what configuration details would be helpful to include as 
> i tried it on the above platform, which are different and a exhibit the same 
> problem. Any pointers on how to debug, or better yet fix this would be 
> appreciated.

> Is debugging using kdevelop on freebsd supported at all?

KDE3 (and KDevelop3) isn't supported by kde.org more than a year, all development
switched to KDE4/Qt4.

Try to migrate to KDE4 :)

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