[kde-freebsd] Building kde4 with kde3 installed still supported?

Max Brazhnikov makc at issp.ac.ru
Sat May 22 11:43:09 CEST 2010

On Sat, 22 May 2010 10:28:46 +0200, Jan Henrik Sylvester wrote:
> Ok. I just had a look if I could get rid of kde3 and maybe even qt3: I 
> have no problem getting rid of desktopbsd-tools-1.6_5 and kphone-4.2_5. 
> k9copy-1.0.4_7, kaffeine-0.8.7_7, and koctave-0.70_4 can be replaced 
> with multimedia/k9copy-kde4, multimedia/kaffeine-devel, and 
> math/qtoctave, I guess. I have found nothing to replace 
> kmastermind-2.2_6 and pdfedit-0.4.1_5, but they are not important. That 
> leaves k3b-1.0.5_5 and twinkle-1.4.2_4: For k3b, there is an qt4 alpha, 
> but no port of it. Twinkle is really the only SIP phone that works for 
> me (I have not really checked recently) -- there is no qt4 port, yet.

We have port for k3b-1.91.0rc2 in area51:

Testers welcome! If it works more or less fine, it can be committed to ports 

> I tried to build deskutils/kdepimlibs4 patched, but I only got:
> In file included from 
> /usr/local/include/boost/function/detail/prologue.hpp:17,
>                   from /usr/local/include/boost/function.hpp:24,
>                   from 
> /usr/local/include/boost/iterator/transform_iterator.hpp:10,
>                   from 
> /usr/local/include/boost/algorithm/string/iter_find.hpp:17,
>                   from 
> /usr/local/include/boost/algorithm/string/split.hpp:16,
>                   from 
> /usr/local/include/boost/function/function_base.hpp:27:50: error: 
> boost/type_traits/composite_traits.hpp: No such file or directory

composite_traits.hpp comes with boost-libs. Make sure you have boost-libs and 
boost-python-libs installed and they are not corrupted. Or provide failed 
command with include paths from buildlog.

> Thanks for your help. I will continue to report kde4 build failures with 
> kde3 installed as long as you do not tell me that you got tired of 
> fixing these.

Welcome :)


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