[kde-freebsd] Building kde4 with kde3 installed still supported?

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at janh.de
Fri May 21 20:33:38 CEST 2010

When kde4 was new, it was supposed to build with kde3 installed. For a 
few versions, this feature was initially broken on almost every kde4 
release but usually fixed after a while. Recently, no one seemed to care 
anymore. Is that correct?

I think there are still some kde3 dependent ports with no kde4 
equivalent. There are definitely some qt3 dependent ports that have not 
been ported to qt4, yet.

I have tried to understand how to fix these cmake build, but I have not 
really gotten into it. Hence, the only question is what shall I report?

- Is kde4 supposed to build with kde3 present?
- Is kde4 supposed to build with qt3 present but no kde3?

I got used to moving away all headers from qt-3.3.8_12 before 
portupgrading any kde4 port, but for the latest kde4 build that was not 

For example, the problem I reported in 
http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-freebsd/2010-May/008330.html was 
libkgetcore.so.5.0.1 from net/kdenetwork4 linking against libqgpgme.so.0 
from kdepim-3.5.10_7.

Do you care for this kind of report or only if I got a fix ready? (I do 
understand that making kde4 build in clean environments is hard enough.)

Anecdotal: During the last big portupgrade, I got so frustrated with 
multiple recent gnome related ports not building with security/openssl 
installed, kde3 not building due to security/openssl installed, kde4 not 
building due to kde3 installed, and so on. Earlier, I tried to 
investigate fixes or at least report these problems, but this time I 
have not even kept track due to the amount of fiddling involved -- and I 
have always been following UPDATING. I guess it is time to learn how to 
set up a ports tinderbox and stop worrying...

Jan Henrik

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