[kde-freebsd] KDE 4.4.0 and FreeBSD8, Nepomuk problem

M. Vale maurovale at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 22:10:24 CET 2010

> Have you set up Nepomuk correctly (ie installed Virtuoso and its
> dependencies
> etc)? IIRC there were some commits to Nepomuk/Akonadi-related ports in
> area51
> a few days ago, maybe you should give it a try again (there are a lot of
> other
> ML threads about Nepomuk/Akonadi problems as well).
Yes I have Virtuoso and its dependencies installed, but I will check SVN and
recompile again.
I will have a look at the other post on the mailing list about the problems
with Nepomuk/Akonadi.

> The other problem that i've found is if i enable 3D effects, everything
> > works ok, but if I logout KDE and the login again the 3D effects are
> always
> > disabled, i have to manually go to settings and enable again 3D effects,
> > every-time I start KDE.
> Did it work correctly before? If so, consider filing a bug report on
> bugs.kde.org with your video card, the driver you're using and what's
> going
> on.

Yes 3D effects did work ok on 4.3.0 and 4.3.5, only on 4.4.0 makes this
strange thing.

Thank you for you response, I will submit a bug on bug.kde.org

Best Regards

Mauro V.
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