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Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Wed Mar 25 02:49:26 CET 2009

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Bartosz Fabianowski wrote:
> Phonon is KDE's multimedia framework. Trolltech/Nokia liked it and
> decided to import it into Qt. They did that a while ago and hence have a
> pre-KDE-4.2 version of Photon in the toolkit. You *can* install the
> other components of Qt4 (and you have to if you want to use KDE4) but
> Qt4's Photon and KDE4's photon will not coexist. This really is not an
> issue unless you want to install something that wants Qt4's phonon
> specifically. I guess misc/qt4-qtdemo is one such port and so with this,
> one you are out of luck. Yes, this is not exactly perfect but the
> incompatibility is Trolltech/Nokia's fault if anybody's as it is them
> who ship an old version of phonon.
> Regarding the problems with multimedia/phonon-xine: Are you sure you
> have undone any modifications you made to the bsd.*.mk files while
> chasing down the problems you had earlier? My guess would be there is
> something in one of these files that prevents your
> multimedia/phonon-xine from working.

Thanks.  Good explanation.  You have to admit, having such a conflict between
two items which are so interdependent on on one another seems a bit unlikely on
it's face, which his why I was so skeptical (sounded to me like someone was
telling me I could have cars, and tires, but not tires on cars).  Hard to argue
with the facts, though.

> - Bartosz

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