[kde-freebsd] phonon matters

Bartosz Fabianowski freebsd at chillt.de
Tue Mar 24 21:30:37 CET 2009

Phonon is KDE's multimedia framework. Trolltech/Nokia liked it and
decided to import it into Qt. They did that a while ago and hence have a
pre-KDE-4.2 version of Photon in the toolkit. You *can* install the
other components of Qt4 (and you have to if you want to use KDE4) but
Qt4's Photon and KDE4's photon will not coexist. This really is not an
issue unless you want to install something that wants Qt4's phonon
specifically. I guess misc/qt4-qtdemo is one such port and so with this,
one you are out of luck. Yes, this is not exactly perfect but the
incompatibility is Trolltech/Nokia's fault if anybody's as it is them
who ship an old version of phonon.

Regarding the problems with multimedia/phonon-xine: Are you sure you
have undone any modifications you made to the bsd.*.mk files while
chasing down the problems you had earlier? My guess would be there is
something in one of these files that prevents your
multimedia/phonon-xine from working.

- Bartosz

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