[kde-freebsd] phonon matters

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Tue Mar 24 20:37:39 CET 2009

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I need some advice here, on phonon.    The various differing kde and qt4 phonon
dependencies are confusing me.

I see 4 ports.  I've installed only the phonon-gstreamer and phonon (base?)
ports.  I installed those ports because it seems that there are dependencies
from kde4 to phonon ... actually, I think it was to phonon-xine port, but that
port won't even recognize the "install" target, so that can't be done.  I was
just trying to build the misc/qt4-qtdemo port (to help myself learn qt4), but it
notices the fact that I have phonon installed, and it wants me to delete this
port (which I *think* I need for kde) and install in it's place the qt4-phonon
port.  I can't tell what that qt4-phonon port does, it's got a fake pkg-descr,
faked up from the qt main port.  I can't tell here, it seems I can make either
kde happy, or qt, but not both, which seems really odd.

Anyone know which version(s) of phonon are really needed, and if phonon-xine is
needed, if anyone knows why it won't recognize the install target?  There isn't
anything wrong with the files in my phonon-xine port directory, I already
suspected that, and if mine is wrong, the FreeBSD archive is also.

Can't even find any phonon-xine package, so I can't cheat here, even.
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