[kde-freebsd] Qt 4.5.0 and PCH

Bartosz Fabianowski freebsd at chillt.de
Sun Mar 22 14:36:34 CET 2009

Hi list

As I had some spare time this weekend, I tried to track down why Qt
4.5.0 fails to compile with PCH under FreeBSD (maybe this is common
knowledge, but I could not find it anywhere in the Internet). It turns
out that the problem is, yet again, the include order. The file
src/gui/kernel/qt_gui_pch.h right at the start includes the Qt-3-style
<qglobal.h> which, at least on my system, pick up Qt3's
/usr/local/include/qglobal.h instead of the intended Qt4 version.

I have not found a way to reverse the include order and fix this yet.

- Bartosz

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