[kde-freebsd] reporting the correct keys in kde4

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Wed Mar 18 20:53:34 CET 2009

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I need to amplify the question I asked about setting the desktop switching keys,
because I'm now aware of what's really causing it.  You know the block of keys
on the far right-hand side?  The 2, 4, 6, and 8 keys can stand in for the arrow
keys, but they don't report the same as the little block of 4 cursor keys to the
immediate left, because they report KP2 instead of 2, like that.

Well, in kde4, they report UP, the exact same as the up cursor key to the
immediate left, so there's no way to differentiate them.  I need to get those
keys to report the names they did under kde3.5,BUT I can't see where KDE4 keeps
its keyboard configuration stuff (not the shortcut stuff).

Anyone know where I can get that stuff, or convince KDE4 to recognize those keys
like it used to?
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