[kde-freebsd] What's the ETA on Qt 4.5?

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Wed Mar 18 20:41:15 CET 2009

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David Johnson wrote:
>> Heya
>> I was wondering what the ETA is on Qt 4.5. I am planning to do some work
>> that requires 4.5 and I am wondering whether I should wait for that to
>> hit the ports or install a local copy in my home directory. If 4.5 in
>> the ports is just around the corner, I will wait; otherwise, I will go
>> ahead with a local installation.
> When I checked this weekend, 4.5.0 is not in area51. So it will be a while
> longer before it hits ports.
> As some of you may be aware, Nokia has dropped active support of FreeBSD.
> It is instead under "community support", meaning it's up to us the FreeBSD
> community to fix the bugs we find and submit patches. Bug reports without
> patches may be rejected. This wasn't a problem with 4.4, but 4.5 no longer
> builds under FreeBSD without a bit of work. Here's what you need to do if
> you want to build Qt 4.5.0 on your own.
> 1) Uninstall Qt 3.3. If this is not possible, temporarily move the Qt 3.3
> header files out of the way (/usr/local/lib/q* and
> /usr/local/lib/private/q*).
> 2) Configure Qt 4.5 with the following options (in addition to others you
> may normally use):
> ./configure --no-pch --no-iconv
> After this it should be without a problem.Be aware that the --no-iconv
> options may result in some character encoding problems.
> p.s. If you would like for Nokia/Qt to once again actively support
> FreeBSD, please let them know with a polite and diplomatic communication.
> If you are a commercial license holder, please please let them know that
> as well.

Your advice isn't wrong, really, but I wanted to say that I personally found
that you CAN keep your old kde3.5/qt3 installation, merely installing qt4 and
kde4 over the top  of it.  There are about one dozen linking problems I hit, 2
big C++ include problems I hit (I hate those a LOT worse) and I needed to
install the x11/kdebase4-workspace with no hint at all (there seems to be no
dependency for it at all), but at the moent, my kde3 works alongside my kde4, or
actually, you need to pull out the x11/kdebase4-workspace if you want to run the
kde3.5, but it DOES run then.  Reinstalling the kdebase4-workspace brings in the

I never actually sollved the strigi problem I found, I needed to beg a package
froma friend, but that worked fine.  Would be a big help to folks if they can
build the strigi and put a package up.

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