[kde-freebsd] Amarok2 port available for testing

Bartosz Fabianowski freebsd at chillt.de
Mon Feb 16 01:08:18 CET 2009

Hi list

I just upgraded to KDE4 and noticed that Amarok 2 is nowhere to be
found. Does anyone know what is holding it up?

The relevant PR seems to be ports/130634, waiting for ports/128757 to be
committed. The latter one is MySQL embedded and has not seen any
activity in almost a month. Is it just that the MySQL port maintainer is
unresponsive or are there some issues that need to be addressed? If
there are problems that need fixing, I am willing to help. I would
really love to see Amarok 2 in ports so I can ditch my entire KDE 3

- Bartosz

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