[kde-freebsd] Juk 3.2.1 problem solved; Desktop effects problem

Dwayne MacKinnon dmk at ncf.ca
Thu Feb 12 17:18:00 CET 2009

Hi all,

Well, I upgraded a second box to 4.2, this time using the committed 
ports. I ran into the same problem with juk that I'd encountered before. 
I continued experimenting though, and found that the problem went 
away when I switched phonon to use the gstreamer back-end instead 
of the xine one.

Now, my main complaint about 4.2 is that I can't seem to enable 
Desktop Effects. On both of my boxes, I had Desktop Effects working 
using XRender. One has an Intel 82945G (945G GMCH) graphics, the 
other has a nVidia 7300 running the latest nvidia driver. Neither one 
will start up desktop effects in 4.2, either through XRender or OpenGL. 
The Intel has DRI, but I'll admit it's pretty weak. The nVidia one though 
has pretty good OpenGL performance... I can play UT2004, or Guild 
Wars (in WINE) with no difficulties. Still, in 4.1.4 I had to use XRender 
on it too. *shrug*

I'm currently on the Intel box. The only error messages I can find are 

Object::connect: No such slot 
Object::connect:  (sender name:   'compositingType')
Object::connect:  (receiver name: 'KWinCompositingConfig')

Anyways, any thoughts? I can send along my xorg.conf if anyone 
thinks that would be informative.


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