[kde-freebsd] messed library versions in 4.2 test equipment

Max Brazhnikov makc at issp.ac.ru
Wed Feb 4 13:47:52 CET 2009

On Wed, 04 Feb 2009 12:12:01 +0100, Dorian Büttner wrote:
> Hi,
> can't get kdebase4-runtime to compile on my i386 system, since it
> expects kimproxy.5. Therefore, it starts recompile of kdelibs4, which
> actually was the action happening exact before :(
> However, lib's plist states libkimproxy.so.5 and other versions, ls -l
> /usr/local/kde4/lib/libkim* gives me .4 and .4.2 versions with a recent
> date and time.
> Lokks like the same scheme Tobias is experiencing with his kdeedu a
> couple of posts downwards. Any idea?
make sure you have up to date x11/kdelibs4/files/patch-KDE4Defaults.cmake


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