[kde-freebsd] Call for Testing KDE 4.2 for FreeBSD

Martin Wilke miwi at FreeBSD.org
Sun Feb 1 22:02:28 CET 2009

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Howdy Guys,

The KDE FreeBSD team is happy to announce the first public
Call for Testing for KDE 4.2. Over the past weeks we have 
focused on the complex and very time consuming task to get
KDE 4.2 running. 

What is new:

Where KDE 4.1 was, according to the development team,
"aimed at casual users", KDE 4.2 is billed as a "compelling
offering for the majority of end users." There have been further
enhancements to the plasma desktop with new applets allowing
better desktop customisation. The configuration options for the
desktop have also been expanded and the revamped system tray
shows reports from every conceivable process, from system messages
to the status of large downloads.

The KWin window manager has learned a couple of new tricks.
By default, it now switches on 3D and compositing effects automatically,
on suitable hardware and manages these effects autonomously, without
the aid of Compiz. With the help of the new Kephal library, the window
manager now offers additional options for running multiple monitors.

The Dolphin file manager has been partly revised, and should now be
easier to use. As part of the Google Summer of Code, KMail has been
redesigned, resulting in both a better appearance and better IMAP support.
The KDE browser Konqueror also includes several new features.

New supported languages include Arabic, Icelandic, Basque,
Hebrew, Romanian, Tajik and several Indian languages (Bengali India,
Gujarati, Kannada, Maithili, Marathi) indicating a rise in popularity in
this part of Asia.

Some note:

The CFT is now without FreeBSD 6.4 support. We will see
what we can do over the week now but I do not promise
that we can get this fixed. If you want to help us, your patches are

We suggest that you exit from KDE4 before you update, backup your ~/.kde4
configuration dir and start with a clean config.

New Ports:

    arabic/kde4 l10n

Please read UPDATING-area51 before you start your update.

To get KDE 4.2:
      svn co https://kf.athame.co.uk/kde-freebsd/trunk/area51/ /path/to/area51

    More info here:

Here few screenshots:


I'd like to say thanks to all helpers and submitters on the kde-freebsd@

That's all for the moment. Happy Testing!

- - Martin (on behalf of the KDE FreeBSD team)

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