[kde-freebsd] KDE4.2 Build Issues

Jason Carter jay at zerojay.com
Sun Feb 1 18:08:27 CET 2009

Hi everyone.

I saw the fact that only two people were responsible for KDE on FreeBSD and
that they were looking for help... so I decided to try to help get KDE 4.2
into ports faster by trying to install it from area51 and writing down my

I followed your instructions... and I've come across the following
roadblocks so far.

1) kdelibs4 died in the middle of patching. The patch in question is
patch-FindKDE4Internal.cmake, which has 1 of 3 hunks fail. You can find the
.rej file produced here:

Deleting the patch from the files folder of the kdelibs4 directory allowed
it to compile cleanly.

2) Your instructions for removing KDE 4.1.4 before installing KDE 4.2 was
missing an exception. Phonon 4.2 is included as part of KDE 4.1.4 and isn't
removed with your instructions. As a result, the builds that require phonon
4.3 or higher (all of KDE 4.2) fail. So it's also necessary to remove Phonon
4.2 before installing KDE 4.3.

Soprano may also have similar issues though I don't think KDE 4.2 requires a
higher version to build. Instead, you see this as you build:

-- Found Soprano: /usr/local/lib/libsoprano.so
-- Found Soprano includes: /usr/local/include
-- Found Soprano Index: /usr/local/lib/libsopranoindex.so
-- Found Soprano Client: /usr/local/lib/libsopranoclient.so
-- Found Soprano Plugin Dir: /usr/local/share/soprano/plugins
-- Found Soprano Plugins: nquadparser nquadserializer raptorparser
raptorserializer redlandbackend
-- WARNING: It is highly recommended to update to Soprano 2.1.64 or newer
for enhanced search capabilities

I'm guessing both of these issues wouldn't be a problem since portupgrade -a
would normally find them before building when area51 is integrated into

Anyways... hope this helps. If not... let me know what I can do to help.

Thanks for the work, everyone.
Jason Carter
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