[kde-freebsd] KDE 4.1 slowdowns

Hannes Hauswedell list_kde-freebsd at soulrebel.in-berlin.de
Thu Sep 11 17:12:37 CEST 2008

I agree, there is something wrong with dbus. Sometimes an application just 
hangs (Konqueror mostly). When I try to do something else, like start a 
program with alt+f2, I get:
"KLauncher could not be reached via D-Bus. Error when calling 
The application starts however, the other app often has to get killed. 
Klauncher and dbus do NOT have to restarted...


On Tuesday 02 September 2008 19:38:11 Manolo Valdes wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 September 2008 19:41:47 Kris Moore wrote:
> > So, maybe this isn't just something I've done wrong here. I keep
> > thinking that maybe something is wrong with the dbus implementation with
> > the conversion from dcop in KDE 3. It almost seems at times like KDE is
> > having trouble keeping its communications going properly, so when I
> > click on the desktop to launch an app, whatever handler is assigned to
> > to the app launch isn't getting the notification right away. Backend
> > problem maybe?
> >
> > BTW, some good news. I've tested the NVIDIA 177 driver beta out here,
> > and it does work with KDE4 a LOT better, you can run opengl apps while
> > composting is enabled again, and performance seems much better.
> Hi I like to add  as kget developer that  when i upgrade to FreeBSD-stable
> last week-end (7.1-PRERELEASE) it crach ,so when i start debuging it. i
> found that kuniqueapplication::start exits after fork() due the child
> process cant register to dbus.
> also trying to compile kdelibs cmake fails to find DL_LIBRARY
> it use to work property before that
> as i upgrade to the last freebsd-stable snapshot and to the last svn copy
> of kde at the same time i cant say who is creating the problem (freebsd or
> KDE)
> so can any can say if is using the last svn copy of KDE and  kget can run
> or compiling kdebase with a older FreeBSD snapshot ( less than last week)
> best regards
> Manolito
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