[kde-freebsd] new ports for testing: kdenlive 0.7beta1 (kde4), mlt and mlt++ 0.3.0

Alberto Villa villa.alberto at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 21:48:19 CEST 2008

On Thursday 16 October 2008 03:57:51 Alberto Villa wrote:
> hi all!
> i've made a port of the new beta of kdenlive (with its dependencies mlt and
> mlt++). they all build fine and cleanly, but i can't get to load a clip
> into the timeline: crash! since this is normal for beta applications on
> kde4 (koffice-kde4, amarok2...) i hope it will be fixed someway. actually
> it could be fault of some dirty hack i made to compile kdenlive (does
> anyone know how to replace <linux/input.h>? i've read sdl could make the
> job...?), i'll investigate

i'm spending some time on kdenlive developers mailing list, and i've already 
sent a patch (committed in latest svn) that enables freebsd support. the 
problem was jogshuttle device, which can be now disabled with 'cmake -
DNO_JOGSHUTTLE:BOOL=ON <path>' (but i think it could work with linux 
compatibility layer)
i'll keep on watching the development... waiting for a second beta to send the 
Alberto Villa <villa.alberto at gmail.com>

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