[kde-freebsd] K3B device issue

Don Wilde dwilde1 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 02:49:07 CET 2008

Hello, all -

I have a 6.3-STABLE system on a Dell Inspiron 6000. My problem is that K3B
is not recognizing my DVD device although it's clear in dmesg. I have
aloased the device acd0 to dvd and rdvd via /etc/devfs.conf (and a reboot)
as described in the Handbook. My kernel has both ATAPI and SCSI command
drivers enabled, and I can mount data DVDs to the filesystem satisfactorily.

I know it can work, because DesktopBSD was able to set it up properly using
the same raw codebase.

What have I not done correctly? The k3b site has no help, and I looked
through the last four months of your mailing list archives without success.
Sorry if this is distracting you from useful work, and thanks in advance!!!

-- Don Wilde
Happy KDE on FreeBSD user :D
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