[kde-freebsd] qt4 headers and libs

Max Brazhnikov makc at issp.ac.ru
Thu Jun 26 13:41:54 CEST 2008


With upcoming Qt-4.4.1 release qt headers and libraries are going to move to 
${LOCALBASE}/include/qt4 and ${LOCALBASE}/lib/qt4. I'm not sure whether 
moving qt libs is reasonable, but qt3/qt4 headers should definitely be 
separated, for details:

I've tested ports with the new qt4 layout, several ports need to be fixed (see 
attached qt4-ports-fix.diff).

I'd like to introduce QT_INCDIR and QT_LIBDIR:

QT_INCDIR_REL=	include/qt4
QT_LIBDIR_REL=	lib/qt4


and replace all (include,lib)/qt4 with them. The patch for fixing 
qt4-dependent ports also use these variables.

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