[kde-freebsd] Question about Phonon Backends

David Johnson david at usermode.org
Mon Jul 14 02:00:18 CEST 2008

On Sunday 13 July 2008 04:28:11 pm Kris Moore wrote:
> I'm curious about something here, and hopefully somebody can provide a
> bit of clarification.
> Right now I'm having to build the qt4-phonon-gst port in order to enable
> the gstreamer backend and get working sound. It seems to work fine, but
> now I'm finding out that KsCD doesn't work with direct digital playback
> using the gstreamer backend. (I think its missing some functionality at
> this point). When I switch to the Xine backend, the direct digital
> playback appears to work (I.E. it tries to play), but there is no
> working sound from xine, things only appear to be playing, but I never
> hear anything.
> My questions are thus:
> Should the xine backend be functional right now? Am I missing something
> which is preventing xine from working and should I be working on fixing
> that?
> OR
> Should I stick with gstreamer, and try to figure out why the plugin
> appears to be missing some functionality?

KDE4 does not support phonon-4.1 (qt4-phonon port). It requires phonon-4.2 
(phonon  port). phonon-4.1 works very well, so well in fact that I am using 
the MediaPlayer demo that comes with Qt4 as my main video player! But I have 
been unable to get phonon-4.2. to work. I built the MediaPlayer with 
phonon-4.2, but it doesn't work.

I would file a bug with KDE (bugs.kde.org). They are maintaining phonon.

p.s. Please file any bugs you find with KDE directly. I have logged several 
this weekend, and plan to log several more. They can't fix them if they don't 
know about them.

David Johnson

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