[kde-freebsd] qt4.4 and kde4 buildtest on 6.3

Oliver Heesakkers kdefreebsd at heesakkers.info
Fri Jul 4 11:26:37 CEST 2008


I succesfully upgraded Qt 4.3 to 4.4 from the area51 ports.
and installed kdebase4 from the area51 ports leaving my full kde 3.5.8 
installation untouched.

6.3-RELEASE-p1, custom SMP kernel

I crudely hacked my way through the following:

Most of the qt4-ports would not extract the mkspecs directory. So I had to 
copy those every time from qmake4 (where it did extract correctly)

I also noticed some QT_MKSPECS_DIR-NOTFOUND flying by during other builds, but 
as they didn't seem to break stuff that went uncorrected.

(Ever since the first unofficial qt4-port I have QMAKESPEC=freebsd-g++ in my 

I had to patch automoc4 to include pthread on make (see attached).

During some plasma stuff I discovered that /usr/bin/c++ was gcc 3.4.6. I have 
gcc42 installed from ports, but I couldn't get the plasma build to work with 
(putting USE_GCC=4.2+ in the Makefile created an error about 
fvisibility=hidden not being compiled in with Qt)

I worked around that by manually compiling the following cpp's 
with /usr/local/bin/c++42:
- containment.cpp
- corona.cpp
- dataengine.cpp
- runnermanager.cpp

How do I tell the port to use gcc 4.2 where appropriate?
Could this form the basis for some of the other problems?

KMonitorProcessIO lacked an
#include <sys/param.h>
before user.h for the definition of NGROUPS (and others).

kaccess.h had an include to Phonon MediaObject, which I 
had to change (see attached).

automoc got stuck three times while working on something. The first was 
kwin_ozone_config.so, I don't remember the second, the last was:

After killing the stuck process and restarting the make, the problem did not 
appear again.

Upon the start of kde4 I first got an error "URL cannot be listed desktop:/" 
and KCMInit crashed, signal 11 (SIGSEV) (no valid backtrace).

In the end startup did seem to succeed, but I had no kind of graphics, that's 
what I'm working on now.
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