[kde-freebsd] Compiling KDE4 with KDE3

Tilman Linneweh arved at FreeBSD.org
Thu Jan 31 23:04:50 CET 2008

* David Naylor [2008-01-27 15:35]:
> In order to compile KDE4 with KDE3 you need to patch kdelibs4, or more
> precisely you need to fix the cmake modules that kdelibs4 installs
> (therefore no need to rebuild kdelibs4, just change the
> share/cmake/modules? Find* files)
> The problem is QT_INCLUDE directive, it needs to be last (QT_INCLUDE
> is made up of many different include paths and QT_INCLUDE_DIR needs to
> be the last on in QT_INCLUDE...)
> The cmake modules to change are FindQt4 FindKDE4Internal.
> The following patch is from memory any may not work correctly, but is
> the general idea.

Unfortunately there are still occurences with the wrong include order.
At least my kdebase4 still fails after i patched those two files.

regards arved

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