[kde-freebsd] Compiling KDE4 with KDE3

David Naylor blackdragon at highveldmail.co.za
Wed Jan 30 08:26:50 CET 2008

On 29/01/2008, David Johnson <djohnson at ics.com> wrote:
> On Sunday 27 January 2008 06:34:21 am David Naylor wrote:
> > In order to compile KDE4 with KDE3 you need to patch kdelibs4, or more
> > precisely you need to fix the cmake modules that kdelibs4 installs
> > (therefore no need to rebuild kdelibs4, just change the
> > share/cmake/modules? Find* files)
> >
> > ...
> > (((
> > If we were to change the #include directives, would it be accepted
> > upstream?  If so we could hurry and get it included in 4.0.1 (but it
> > must/should be in 4.1)
> > )))
> The patches were approved and commited to KDE 4.0 and trunk.
That is great :-)

I must apologies as I have not been doing any work towards the porting
efforts.  My computer is stuck in the hospital for "healing"...  It
does appear I've been having some luck with CMakeLists.txt hacking, if
anyone gets stumped I'm willing to lend a hand.


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