[kde-freebsd] KDE4 is out, I'm back, let's get cracking

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Thu Jan 17 17:36:03 CET 2008

On Wednesday, 16. January 2008, David Naylor wrote:

> One issue is with kde apps with the same name, if they are not
> referred to by full paths, which one gets preference.  Depends, I
> think, which is the default desktop, 3 or 4.

I have not tested it yet myself, but I saw documentation from Linux 
distributions that ship both which states that, if KDE4 is running, kde4's 
configured directory for executables (/usr/local/kde4/bin most probably in 
our case) is searched first.

> This could be setup 
> using rc.d/ scripts with PATH being set to give priority to either
> local/ or kde4prefix/?  (And get kdm running using them as well?)

Since both KDE3 and KDE4 come with startup scripts, those are usually the 
ideal places to set up $path for the session.

> > Also, default prefix moves are always a horrible experience for users -
> > just remember the big X11 move not so long ago. Thus I would very much
> > like to find one location for KDE4 now and then stick with it forever.
> I found it made life easier (but I wasn't involved in the porting effort!)

It surely does. My point was that moving X.org in existing installations 
from /usr/X11R6 to /usr/local was not completely trivial 
(see /usr/ports/UPDATING) and rather time-consuming.

> > You could put them (or links to them) on the wiki:
> > http://wiki.freebsd.org/KDE4. Account creation is open to everyone, but I
> > think arved@ would need to give you write access to the page first (I'd
> > like write access as well btw, account is MichaelNottebrock :).
> I'll send in a request this weekend (for you as well).  I've saved two
> back traces for crashed apps.  Strange there is qt_m.so.3 is in them?
> I've post another e-mail titles 'Qt4 crashed by Qt3 libs!', it will
> provide some details.

Seen that. Hmm. My guess would be that it's actually the kde executable that 
picks up both (is it dynamically linked? What does ldd say?).

> > Does out-of-source build mean builddir!=sourcedir?
> Yes, and kdelibs (possibly every other kde package) demands
> out-of-source builds.  It can be disabled but I'm not sure if a build
> would then work?  I just do:
> mkdir $BUILDSRC/build
> (cd $BUILDSRC/build; cmake ../; make)
> to get it to compile (with all variables set for cmake)

Even the old buildsystem allowed for out-of-source builds, but it was not the 
default there. It doesn't really matter much anyway, anything below ${WRKDIR} 
is fine.

> > At the moment it is vaporware(?), but I agree we should have one in place
> > at least once kdelibs and kdebase are in good shape.
> I could create a bsd.cmake.mk this weekend if it is urgently required
> (it will be my first such file...)?

Sure, if you like to - if you do not feel like giving yourself a crashcourse 
on bsd.port.mk in order to be able to write one though, that is fine, too - 
my plan is to start diving into kdesupport tonight or tomorrow and that will 
be a good opportunity to start a basic bsd.cmake.mk as I go, which can then 
be further fleshed out as required. 

In any case, no effort is wasted, we can always merge different attempts 
later. ISTR somebody else wrote to the list a while back that they started a 
bsd.cmake.mk themselves, it's not at all too late to submit it.

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