[kde-freebsd] KDE4/Qt4 porting efforts?

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Tue Jan 8 09:48:14 CET 2008

On Sunday 06 January 2008, Danny Pansters wrote:
> I never found the time and/or inspiration to persue it further, but I
> created a few "kitchen sink" type ports for kdesupport4, kdelibs4,
> kdebase4, kdepimlibs4 back in September. It compiled and I could start the
> desktop but (as Adriaan has also blogged about and somewhat worked around)
> knotify4 barfed really bad.

A viable approach is to disable multimedia, although then you *do* get lots of 
dialog boxes. I have not fixed that one yet. support, libs, pimlibs all build 
out-of-the-box on FreeBSD-6. I've just discovered that FBSD-6 doesn't have 
the _SC_PHYS_PAGES sysconf constant (which FBSD-7 does, and which FBSD-7 
documents as a "Solaris and Linux extension").

Here's a patch to do the same with sysctl() on 6-STABLE.

These are your friends - Adem
    GPG: FEA2 A3FE Adriaan de Groot
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