[kde-freebsd] Some pkg-plist fixes for 4.1.85 ports

Alberto Villa villa.alberto at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 20:05:31 CET 2008

another conflict i've found: kdepim and kdepimlibs
1. deinstall kdepim
2. upgrade kdepimlibs
3. install kdepim
and it will work

On Tuesday 23 December 2008 18:46:18 Matt wrote:
> Correct - the four that I forwarded did not require any
> hacking/patching to compile in my tinderbox, all they needed were the
> plist changes. (Except for kdemultimedia4 - Both patches for
> kdemultimedia4 have would not apply cleanly, so I tried the build
> without them and it worked.  However, I'm guessing that they are still
> needed in there somewhere to ensure that Xine is built with XCB.)
> Also, these have only been build tested - I haven't had time to
> actually install any of the packages yet.

i don't think they're still needed, since they removed the check for xine xcb 
(and in fact we were asked to build xine with xcb support while installing kde 
4.1.0). probably the check failed on freebsd, but now it seems to be working:

-- Performing Test XINE_XCB_FOUND
-- Performing Test XINE_XCB_FOUND - Success

i'm not using tinderbox, i'm directly installing... except for some strange 
issues (global shortcuts broken, oxygen theme and screensavers disappeared) 
it's working fine
Alberto Villa <villa.alberto at gmail.com>

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