[kde-freebsd] KDE4: (from KDE4: port stops in /usr/ports/print/libspectre)

Andy Fawcett andy at athame.co.uk
Mon Aug 11 17:24:00 CEST 2008

On Monday 11 August 2008 14:38:17 mcassar wrote:
> > > On  this line of thoughts.. What is the simplest way to upgrade
> > > KDE 3 META Ports to the KDE 4 META port an what various conf
> > > files would be wise to backup ?
> >
> > No need to do anything to upgrade, they coexist very well.
> >
> > User data files and configurations now go to ~/.kde4/ and nothing
> > is migrated or trampled.
> >
> > Andy
> about this, i wanted to to remove kde3 once kde4 was up and running,
> to clean up my packages - and have two main questions.
> firstly, i only removed the main packages which clearly say
> kde***-3.5.8 etc and i'm not sure what else can go (qt3???). i used
> pkg_delete -> make deinstall didn't work on kde3 meta port - didn't
> try individually.

I strongly recommend pkg_cutleaves to help you in removing unwanted 

> second, i have two packages - amarok nd kaffeine that have kde3 packs
> as dependencies (base3 or libs3 if not mistaken) and am now wondering
> if they will install with only kde4 installed and if there is more
> ports like this at the moment.

Virtually all KDE applications currently in the ports tree require KDE 
3.x. There's maybe 2 or 3 there at the moment that are KDE 4.x 

> n.b. i am very new to freebsd and kde4 was a very big port for me to
> build - but i figured the best way to get anywhere is catch up with
> smething fairly new and see ppl iron things out. sorry if above seems
> too obvious to you ppl.

Well, we all started somewhere, so it's ok to ask.


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