[kde-freebsd] In a OS reinstall of current, I am thinking of just installing kde-4 via packages to have kde4 and to not compile right now.

Dorian Büttner dorian.buettner at gmx.de
Sun Aug 3 22:26:16 CEST 2008

On Sunday 03 August 2008 21:48:11 eculp wrote:
> In a unplaned OS reinstall of current on my laptop, I am thinking of
> just installing KDE4 BETA2 via packages to go straight to kde4 and to
> not loose time compiling kde3 and later worring about conflicts, etc.
> That way I should be able to use it tomorrow.  I can live with some
> packages not working as expected as long as it isn't crashing every
> few minutes during a presentation.  This way I will recomplile all as
> it is imported into the ports tree.
> So, my question is, am I way off track or does this make sense, in
> your opinion.
> Thanks,
> ed
> P.S. I'm cvsuping, rebuilding world right now and starting to build
> xorg when that is going I could install kde4 from packages.
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the 4.0.83 packages are not state of the art. new ones are on their way or use 
area51 instead to compile from source.
I believe kpresenter isn't production ready yet but I don't know about other 
presentation tools how they work in 4.1


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