[kde-freebsd] non-linear arts playback

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Mon Sep 24 15:39:55 CEST 2007

Harald Schmalzbauer schrieb:
> Dear KDE maintainers,
> I have problems with arts playback since KDE 3.5.7
> Before I could perfectly use any KDE application to liten to my music but 
> since KDE 3.5.7 programs like noatune or amarok are skipping samples.
> When playing back, also the time counter jumps together with the sound.
> I guess the jumps are about a quarter of a second.
> When using OSS programs like mplayer I don't have that problem, so I don't 
> think it has anything to do with my sound hardware.
> I also discovered this problamy on every other machine I set up since KDE 
> 3.5.7 (some UP, some SMP, some SCHED_4BSD, some SCHED_ULDE, that doesn't 
> matter)
> I guess this is a known problem to you, so I'd like to ask if you have some 
> patches for me to test.
No, this problem has not been reported before and I personally haven't
encountered anything similar either. If these problems occur regardless
of the format of the sound files you play, you can try experimenting
with the artsd buffer size and the realtime priority setting or try
manually downgrading arts to versions prior to 1.5.7 to see if the
problem is with arts itself. If the problem only occurs with a
particular kind of data (e.g. only mp3 files or only ogg vorbis files),
you should look at the respective akode port and the libraries it uses.

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