[kde-freebsd] g++-4 full-config --- g++-3.* full-config

JoaoBR joao at matik.com.br
Wed Oct 31 18:49:48 CET 2007

certainly I have no luck today, while reinstalling python and kde ports I get 
this when compiling kdebase. 

As for all other plugins I see similare to:

Conflict in /usr/local/lib/plugins/designer/libkdevdlgplugin.so:
  Plugin uses incompatible Qt library!
  expected build key "amd64 FreeBSD g++-4 full-config", got "amd64 FreeBSD 
g++-3.* full-config".

news in exchange: no kded service thing is working

what I have QT related installed is this

dbus-qt3-0.70_1     Qt3 bindings for the D-BUS messaging system
poppler-qt-0.6      Qt bindings to poppler
qca-tls-1.0_2       SSL/TLS plugin for Qt
qmake-3.3.8_1       The build utility of the Qt project
qt-copy-3.3.8_6     Multiplatform C++ application framework (+ KDE patches)

pkgdb -L shows nothing missing either

I am so curious where this comes from ... any idea?



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