[kde-freebsd] massive problems with sound

Gary Kline kline at tao.thought.org
Sat Oct 27 23:59:56 CEST 2007

	About a quarter of the time after rebooting, my Konsoles
	remember how to beep  (BELL.ogg, not the "system bell"l it
	doesn't work).  The rest of the time I have to mess with
	kcontrol until I  finally get the bell to sound.  I check 
	"system notifications" and do a ps -ax grep for knotify and so
	on. In the wee hours today I found that if I chose the Sound 
	screen and chose to have things Networked, that only then did
	the KDE sound stuff  get restarted.  (It showed a histogram,
	going quickly from 0 to 100.)  Only then, when I used vi/nvi 
	or vim, did ESC sound the BELL.  

	Writing a window manger this complex is waaay over my head.  But
	writing a script of piece of C or C++ to reinitialize the sound
	system shouldn't be very hand.   So can any of your KDE sound
	gurus point me at the script(s) or code to give me a head start?
	Any other tips or advice would be very much welcomed too.


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