[kde-freebsd] parallelizing the build of Qt, etc.

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Thu Aug 23 17:43:40 CEST 2007

Mikhail Teterin schrieb:
> четвер 23 серпень 2007 11:19 до, Michael Nottebrock Ви написали:
>> I really really really do not think that this should be the default.
>> Consider that users of SMP machines, especially those running KDE, might
>> appreciate having one cpu/core available for their desktop work while a
>> portupgrade is in progress in the background. Jacking up the load to the
>> possible maximum does not make for a smooth desktop experience.
> The experience is just fine, actually. The actual load never rises to the full 
> number of processors -- because each job is throttled by I/O a little bit, 
> one needs to use -j NCPU+1 or even -j NCPU*2 to notice a hit. The experience 
> could be damaged by heavy disk-thrashing or video/sound issues, but the 
> compiler is not doing any of that.
Compiling C++ generates quite a bit of load (and memory consumption),
significantly more than compiling C and especially so since -O2 was made
the default. The unixmake parts of qmake already are a good example for
this and programs using STL or Boost turn gcc into an even bigger hog.


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