[kde-freebsd] Removal of gnu-autoconf/make

Ade Lovett ade at freebsd.org
Mon Aug 13 04:11:25 CEST 2007

On Aug 11, 2007, at 23:33 , Andy Fawcett wrote:
> I tried your patch with kdevelop, and here is the autput when  
> trying to run
> autofoo from inside kdevelop for a brand new project:

Hrm, I'm not sure what's going on here, even if this is a regression,  

> cd '/home/tap/test/foo2' && WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5="1"  

WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5 and WANT_AUTOMAKE_1_6 have never been supported  
even by the stock gnu-autoconf/automake, which are 2.61 and 1.10  

The only thing I can see that may be affecting things is this line in  
the pre-patched kdevelop/Makefile:

CONFIGURE_ENV+=        PATH=${LOCALBASE}/gnu-autotools/bin:${PATH}

Though since gnu-auto{conf,make} are tagged as run dependencies only,  
this shouldn't actually have any kind of effect.

One option to try would be to change the line in the patched Makefile  

USE_AUTOTOOLS= libtool:15 autotools:run


USE_AUTOTOOLS= libtool:15 autotools:both

(which will bring in all of autoconf* and automake* as both RUN and  
BUILD dependencies) to see if there is something strange going on,  
specific to kdevelop, that's making it not find the scripts.

devel/anjuta (the GNOME equivalent of KDE's kdevelop) had no such  
issues in the conversion, so this is definitely kdevelop-specific,  
and my KDE-fu is not strong enough to understand exactly what's going  
on here.


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