[kde-freebsd] default "konsole" with Gnome??

Gary Kline kline at tao.thought.org
Thu Aug 9 22:37:54 CEST 2007


	Is there a way of having at least one konsole with the 
	scrollbar on the left and a certain font show up whenever 
	I boot into Gnome?   There are utilities like xload be loaded
	into the upper-left corner.  Etc.  Where, in short, in the Gnome
	control file that will let me enter by hand with vi that makes
	sure that  that a konsole and xterm is in-place when I login?
	If part of this is in ~/.kde, that's fine.  Another thing is: 
	can I have firefox or konquorer and ksayit on a second workspace?

	thanks for any insights,


  Gary Kline  kline at thought.org   www.thought.org  Public Service Unix

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