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Volker Krause vkrause at
Sat Apr 6 17:01:09 BST 2019


I'd like to propose KContacts for review to move from KDE PIM to KF5.

KContacts is essentially an implementation of the vCard standard, covering the 
data model as well as parsing and creating of vCard files. As the recent CI 
issue showed it's used outside of KDE PIM as well, therefore we would 
particularly benefit from the KF5 stability guarantees.

KContacts depends on KConfig, KCodecs, KCoreAddons and KI18n, making it a Tier 
2 functional framework.

KContacts used to be part of kdelibs during the 2 and 3 era under the name 
"kabc", and part of kdepimlibs in the 4 era, so it's very well prepared for 
complying with the API and ABI guarantees.

To have a smooth as possible transition the proposed timeline would be:
- complete the review and possibly required adjustments before the 19.08 
- do one final release as part of KDE PIM with 19.08, with the final ABI and 
library name for KF5
- after 19.08 (so Sep or Oct 2019), release it with KF5, which will then be a 
drop-in replacement for the KDE PIM release.

This approach has already successfully been used for KHolidays and 

We did a review at the currently ongoing PIM sprint, which resulted in removal 
of some ancient unused cruft (D20270, D20273, D20274, D20275, D20276) which 
did technically change the ABI, therefore the transition after 19.08 rather 
than 19.04.

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