OSX/CI: kdeclarative fails to build on branch master

Marko Käning mk-lists at email.de
Mon Jan 12 21:26:24 UTC 2015

So, if I do install libepoxy on the OSX/CI system I get this:
[ 94%] Building CXX object src/qmlcontrols/kquickcontrolsaddons/CMakeFiles/kquickcontrolsaddonsplugin.dir/mimedatabase.cpp.o
Building CXX object src/qmlcontrols/kquickcontrolsaddons/CMakeFiles/kquickcontrolsaddonsplugin.dir/plotter.cpp.o
/Users/marko/WC/KDECI-builds/kf5-qt5/kdeclarative/src/qmlcontrols/kquickcontrolsaddons/plotter.cpp:23:10: fatal error: 'epoxy/gl.h' file not found
#include <epoxy/gl.h>
[ 96%] Scanning dependencies of target kdeclarativetest

So it looks as if the library cannot be located properly in the system, although it is present:
$ port contents libepoxy
Port libepoxy contains:

Yet, I’d love to _avoid_ having to install this lib on OSX altogether, as it pulls in all these up to now still unneeded xorg libs:
$ sudo port activate libepoxy
--->  Computing dependencies for libepoxy
--->  Dependencies to be installed: mesa xorg-dri2proto xorg-glproto xorg-libXfixes xorg-fixesproto xorg-xextproto xorg-libXi xorg-inputproto xorg-libXext xorg-libXmu xorg-libXt

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