Review Request 119773: Launch scripts in autostart-directories

Martin Yrjölä martin.yrjola at
Wed Aug 13 19:50:23 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Frameworks.

Bugs: 335878 and 338242

Repository: kinit


This fixes execution of scripts other than ".desktop"-files in the ~/.config/autostart directory when starting a session. This functionality was removed in because of

Things that still have to be discussed:
* Is kinit the right place for this functionality? I think it makes sense because all other autostart functionality is there.
* Is kioclient5 the correct way to start the scripts?
* Which kind of files in autostart-directories gets executed?
 * I chose a simple *.sh regex for testing purposes.
 * In KSMServer and KDE4 only obvious backup files (*.bak, *~, %*% etc.) were excluded.


  src/klauncher/autostart.cpp 0706c735c3caf1c010d9968337456bfc5a0805c1 



Works for scripts that exit and those that run the whole session. Now the only limitation is the *.sh wildcard.


Martin Yrjölä

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