Update of the metainfo.yaml file of all the frameworks

Denis Steckelmacher steckdenis at yahoo.fr
Wed Aug 13 10:29:39 UTC 2014

On 08/13/2014 12:14 PM, Luigi Toscano wrote:
> On Wednesday 13 of August 2014 11:30:48 Denis Steckelmacher wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Yesterday, api.kde.org has been updated so that it displays a bit more
>> information about the frameworks, including code snippets telling the
>> user how to add a framework to his/her CMakeLists.txt or .pro file.
> How is the email address of the maintainer generated?
> kdoctools/metadata.yml for example shows my identity username (ltoscano) but I
> don't own ltoscano at kde.org as shown on
> http://api.kde.org/frameworks-api/frameworks5-apidocs/kdoctools/html/index.html
> What are the fields needed to specify the links previously on the README file?
> KDocTools has a different IRC channel and an additional mailing list, for
> example.
> Ciao


The e-mail is currently generated by appending "@kde.org" after the 
maintainer name. If this is not correct, you can put a full e-mail 
address in "maintainer" and it will be used. I don't know if 
"maintainer" is used somewhere else, though, so maybe having an e-mail 
address there is not acceptable. If it is the case, then I can update 
kapidox so that the "maintainer_email" key is used when present.

Regarding the IRC channel and the mailing list, this information could 
also be added to the metainfo.yaml file of projects having specific IRC 
channels or mailing lists. We can discuss how the corresponding keys 
should be named ("mailinglist" and "irc" for instance), and whether 
multiple values should be possible (does a framework has several mailing 
lists, and are the project-specific mailing lists meant to replace 
kde-frameworks-devel or to be used in addition to it?)


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