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Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo.pereira at
Mon Aug 11 10:29:05 UTC 2014

Hi all,
For the last couple of weeks and after discussion with Nuno, Marco, 
Andrew and some others, I've worked on implementing most of the ideas 
from  git:// 
<> (more precisely from the QML demos 
at widgetstyles/qtquickcontrolsstyle)  into a native widget style for KF5.

Some screenshots below:


Now this is of course not complete, but at least it is usable (I'm using 
it now).
It naturally uses a lot of the code from oxygen, though for now I've 
preferred making a deep copy than actually sharing the code via 
libraries. Also it should be more efficient and have less 'issues' 
because it uses no pixmap caching but direct rendering to the widgets 
everywhere, mostly because said rendering is simpler than for oxygen. 
This should make it more easily dpi independent when this gets 
implemented inside Qt5.

For the moment the code is in the following scratch repository:

Ultimately I'd like to
- push this to some official repository (where should that be ? 
kde/workspace/breeze/kstyle ?)
- make it the 'official' kf5 style (instead of the current QtCurve settings)
- have feedback
- iron out the remaining issues

Among the things that are most notably missing are: a configuration ui (!)
(though I foresee less things to be configurable than with oxygen)

... and then I'd like to:
- make a gtk style
- possibly make a kde4/qt4 style,
- backport the improvement made to the code base (it is always good to 
revisit one's code) to oxygen at kf5

Comments, objections, blessings, are welcome


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