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now for the second chapter, I have a special request for which I would like to ask for your support: 

As you know, I work for Open Invention Network, where we try to protect the Open Source space from the threat of software patents. One of the things OIN does is to collect defensive publications. The basic idea of defensive publications is described here: 

The second chapter of the book describes the individual frameworks in detail, and I am sure there is plenty of new and innovative stuff in them. We will have to write sections that describe these new features, and I think it should be relatively easy to write those sections in a form that may be used as a defensive publication. Hugo Roy, who you might know from his work at FSFE, is currently doing an internship at OIN and will help to get your drafts in a state that can be submitted to It should not be that hard and also not that much extra work. And it is something that gives bragging rights and can be used in a CV. So if there is anything very cool your framework does and that you always wanted to talk about, here is your chance.

My vision of this to have one or two defpubs for each framework that are part of the book, and also submitted to There should be, next to the list of figures and of the code samples, a list of defensive publications. The documentation at is used by the US patent office and others, so this really helps. 

Hugo is in CC in this email. Hugo, you might want to introduce your self and subscribe to the mailing list. 

Thanks for your help!


On 08/10/2014 06:01 PM, Mirko Boehm wrote:
> The second chapter will then contain detailed articles about the
> individual frameworks. They should build on the introduction in the
> first chapter, and cover questions that developers do not need to be
> concerned with at the start. These detailed chapters probably require
> the author of the framework to take part in writing them.

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