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at the moment, we look at authoring two chapters of the frameworks book: 

The first chapter will be relatively short introductory sections that explain how some common problems are solved by using KF5. Sample questions are 
* dealing with archives and compressed data
* reaching a wider audience with translations
* adding crash reporting to an application
* making apps more efficient using concurrency
* escalating privileges 
More may follow (for example, KConfig is also on the table). Each of these is planned to be a combination of one or two illustrated programming examples and a page or two of explanation of the very basic concepts. Details will be deferred to the later chapters. 

The second chapter will then contain detailed articles about the individual frameworks. They should build on the introduction in the first chapter, and cover questions that developers do not need to be concerned with at the start. These detailed chapters probably require the author of the framework to take part in writing them. 

There are a few questions that have been discussed at length: 

* Our target audience are developers new to the frameworks, but with existing programming experience. The book will not cover basics about Qt, but will instead refer to the Qt documentation and introductions. It is also not meant to replace API documentation.
* We would like to achieve a natural "build up" from consuming the introduction to reading about the details to moving on to working mostly with the documentation. For that, we are still discussing where tutorial like content should be stored (as this could possibly reference multiple frameworks) and how the book can be produced without duplicating content. Your help and input is welcome. 
* We are trying to solve the issue of not having to copy-paste code from the examples and framework sources but still show it in the book. Here is an attempt: This in the end means that where the book format (PDF, ePub, ...) is produced from the input files, the frameworks and examples sources need to be available. We are still discussing about the best way to achieve that.

For now, we are working in a scratch repo at kde:scratch/garg/book.



On 08/10/2014 02:26 PM, Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
> Even more basic: for right now, we've created a scratch git repo:
> kde:scratch/garg/book

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