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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sun Dec 4 19:17:26 UTC 2011

On Sunday, December 4, 2011 19:54:30 Stephen Kelly wrote:
> Is that about not feeling empowered to do things like that? Is it something
> cultural we should look into more?

whether it is empowerment, something else or a mix of circumstances, the 
result does seem to be that often people are hesitant to "be bold" and just do 
things as you suggested in a previous email. 

this is not just cultural in kde: it's the baseline many of us come from, 
where hierarchy, power and permission are constructed in a way to keep us 
moving along "civily" with each other. and stepping across the lines where 
those constructs ought to be (even when they aren't) is often uncomfortable.

building a culture of initiative takers and move makers, while keeping it a 
cooperative and friendly environment, is something i would love to see us 

when there is a palpaple gap between the reward for positivity and the reward 
for negativity that is demonstrated by the actions of others around us, people 
will behave similarly. this is essentially a form of leadership and 
inspirational behaviour.

right now, the gap is small and in ceratain places and times very much tipped 
towards the rewards of negative behaviour. often this is due to rewarding 
negative behaviours with undue attention.

compounding this, many of our best "doers" are also very quiet by nature, 
which makes it a bit harder to see their efforts until you've been around for a 

being able to stand and be visibly happy and excited about hard (and fun) work 
efforts is crucial ... and rewarding.

personally i'm impressed and inspired by your actions on the wiki and by 
Kevin's efforts to bring the meeting this evening together. in addition to 
being a great technology project full of wonderful people, frameworks can be a 
lamp light to all of KDE if we take on that concepts you've just suggested: be 
bold, be a doer.

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