[Kde-finance-apps] Spring meeting

Alvaro Soliverez asoliverez at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 02:49:10 CET 2010

Hello all,
this is to summarize a discussion that started before everyone joined,
so as to get everyone up to speed on the subject, and get the ball
rolling, since the preparations might take a long time, and, at least
in my case, the sooner we have a date and place, the better.

What follows is a summary. You can read the actual mails in the
archive, in case I misunderstood anything.

It would be great if we could have the main people from every involved
application. Those people who help the most, and of course, who can
see things through. After all, we all are probably going to come out
of this meeting with a ton of work to do.
We should also attract folks from the non-technical area (e.g.
promo/marketing, maybe usability).
Someone with lots of experience working under the KDE umbrella would
be great too (I think that would be Klaas, right?)
Most of us are new to working within KDE and having someone in the
know really helps.

Spring this year.
KMyMoney and Kraft will be releasing versions for KDE4, but I don't
think anyone else is, and I don't see a problem with that.

Probably our first meeting would be more a talking than coding meeting,
or do we think we can do much of brainstorming and planing of what we
want to achieve on this list? At least we should try. I would suggest
to meet over the weekend (arrive at friday night, drink, work saturday
and sunday).

We can probably get good support from the KDE e.V. for that, finance
and location wise if we ask. Usually the KDE e.V. reimburses 80% of
travel- and accomodation costs, if we follow some simple rules like
for example that we inform the community of what happened.

Can the e.V. issue 'Spendenquittungen' (don't know if donation receipt
is the right translation)? That might bring in some sponsors.
(Question from Thomas)

The location usually is not a problem, we have some nice standing offers
like Linuxhotel or the KDE e.V. office. We also could meet in Nuremberg
at the openSUSE office.

If over a weekend, Thomas can offer his office space here near Frankfurt
(coffee included :) ) There are hotels around in walking distance and their
weekend rates should be reasonable - he can check on that if needed.  All we
have to make sure is, that there's no large trade show in Frankfurt.

Next steps:

First steps would be to gather a list of people who are supposed to
participate and how much financial support we roughly need from the
KDE e.V. and inform the e.V. board and ask them if there is still budget.
I am volunteering for that.


Now, we should who is coming. Every application team will know who is
the best people to come.
We also have to invite designers, translators, etc. outside of this list.
After that, we decide what schedule fits better for the participants.

In my case, going all the way up there for only 3 days means spending
as much time on the plane as on the meeting, but I understand not
everyone can spare some days from work or college for this.
And yes, I want to be there. :D


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