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Mon Jul 25 23:36:02 BST 2022

El dilluns, 25 de juliol de 2022, a les 21:44:34 (CEST), Albert Astals Cid va 
> El dilluns, 25 de juliol de 2022, a les 18:41:27 (CEST), 何 Hé 沛文 Pèiwén va
> escriure:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I am creating a series of updated maps for KGeography. I found that there
> > could be some improvements.
> > 
> > The mail system always reject my mail and call it spam.
> I don't understand why you would post to somewhere that dies in 20 hours.
> Seems like if you don't want people to read your email.
> I'm posting here the contents of that privatebin
> 1. Use TSV format instead of kgm (XML), so the file can be lighter, and I
> can easily copy-paste tables on the web; add a TSV file to contain data of
> “mapFile”, “name”, “divisionsName”, “author”

File size is not the problem, so i would vote no.

> 2. Have a “maps” directory alongside “flags” and set the path of “mapFile”
> to it

I don't see the need. Can you explain what's the benefit?

> 3. Add a field “locale” and make it filterable in “Choose Map to Use”

Maps don't have locale, can you explain what do you mean by this?

> 4. Use hex colors instead of RGB, so I just need to type in one place
> instead of three

I don't really see the issue here.

> 5. Integrate a color generator that can edit the color field, where a color
> is hashed from a division name, and conflicts are avoided

Color hashing from division name is a bad idea, you want something that looks 
good and different enough, not random colors.

> 6. Add support to WebP and AVIF formats to save space from images

This should just work if you have a modern kimageformats, but i don't see the 
point, images are a few K in size.

> 7. Zoom to the position of cursor

I guess this could make sense.

> 8. Ignore undefined colors, so I don't need to care about the varying colors
> on boundaries (field “ignore” and divisions requiring “yes” in it will be
> useless and can be removed)

That makes no sense, kgeography is color based, if you have random colors that 
are ignored, kgeography can't know where you clicked.

> 9. Make the tooltip follow the cursor's location and change its content when
> the color of the pixel that the cursor points changes (icon to Wikipedia
> page will be useless and can be removed)

I'm relatively sure this would be annoying by default, but i'm not against it 
as an option.

> 10. Have an option to change the font and flag size on the tooltip



> > I post them here:
> >
> > xC NxuQ3wVm9
> > []<
> > 7
> > 1298b52c3290d02#Gg9LGLkVokMBVPUKZWmU49TmgrvYkabqzxCNxuQ3wVm9>
> > PrivateBin<
> > T
> > mgrvYkabqzxCNxuQ3wVm9> Visit this link to see the note. Giving the URL to
> > anyone allows them to access the note, too.

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