Curvefit API Requirement

Alexander Semke alexander.semke at
Fri Sep 17 19:54:18 BST 2021

Hi Balu,

we checked the situation again. We have a dependency on the "GNU Scientific
Library" that is licensed under GPL version 3 [1]. Every project that is using
GPL code needs to be released under GPL license or under a license accepted by
GNU as compatible with the GPL [2]. So, if you are not releasing your
commercial software under GPL --  and that is the case if I see it correctly
-- and you do not plan to do so, you won't be able to use LabPlot+GSL's code.

Best Regards,


Am Mittwoch, 15. September 2021, 13:22:58 CEST schrieb Alexander Semke:
> Hi Balu,
> thank you for your interest in LabPlot!
> I've checked the attached document and also as discussed in the private chat
> and on the phone, the requirements are clear and we can fullfil them.
> Though, to make the part of LabPlot's code embeddable in a commercial and
> closed- source application we'll need to adress two points:
> 1. make the relevant part of LabPlot's code base available as a shared
> library that can be used in other projects
> 2. clarify the licensing model that would allow to use our code in a closed-
> source application
> For the first point we successfully finalized a POC which we can improve
> upon in the next days to get everything productive. For the second question
> we're going to have an internal discussion tonight on our side and decide
> how we can deal with this request. I'll send you another reply soon with
> the updates and we can discuss the next steps.
> Best Regards,
> Alexander Semke
> On Montag, 13. September 2021 16:54:24 CEST Sathish, Balu wrote:
> > Hi Alexander Semke,
> >
> > I have used your LabPlot application ( and found
> > its capable to solve curvefit according to our equations & parameters. We
> > are using an enterprise application where we can plot graph with our own
> > controls, We would like to know if you can provide an API of your
> > application for us to generate datapoints based on the curvefits.
> > Requirement are mentioned in the attached document. Also kindly let us
> > know
> > about the licensing details for using this in our application.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Balu Sathish

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