How do I get started contributing?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Thu Dec 17 23:37:29 GMT 2020

El dijous, 17 de desembre de 2020, a les 20:09:07 CET, Priyanshu Rai va escriure:
> Hi

Hi :)

> I'm Priyanshu Rai, a big fan of KDE apps and neon, supporting the open
> source ecosystem here.
> I'm new to contributing so, if there's anyone who can kind of explain me
> how to get things done and what can I do as a beginner, please guide me.

> I'm new to Linux distro too and started installing and trying them out only
> in August this year. So, maybe I am not that experienced but I really need
> to get that experience from you all.
> You are my first choice when it comes to contributing because I found some
> bugs in some of the apps (I think I shouldn't mention this :)).

Apps have bugs, the only way to not have bugs is to not have code :)

> And I'm really started this mailing list thing (registered just now), so
> maybe I'm breaking some guidelines, but hey, let's be simple.


> Growth and development
> Priyanshu

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