How do I get started contributing?

Priyanshu Rai idealpriyanshu at
Thu Dec 17 19:09:07 GMT 2020


I'm Priyanshu Rai, a big fan of KDE apps and neon, supporting the open
source ecosystem here.

I'm new to contributing so, if there's anyone who can kind of explain me
how to get things done and what can I do as a beginner, please guide me.
I'm new to Linux distro too and started installing and trying them out only
in August this year. So, maybe I am not that experienced but I really need
to get that experience from you all.
You are my first choice when it comes to contributing because I found some
bugs in some of the apps (I think I shouldn't mention this :)).

And I'm really started this mailing list thing (registered just now), so
maybe I'm breaking some guidelines, but hey, let's be simple.

Growth and development

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