D28477: Fixes a bug where the HFR was not displayed.

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  After this fix, to display the HFR value in the fitsviewer statistics, one needs to first
  set the fitsviewer's view menu 'Mark Stars' option, and then, the next time an image is captured,
  the HFR will be computed and the Statistics Table will show the HFR value.
  The HFR would be computed for the current image, but it wouldn't be updated in the table.
  One cannot set that view option, though, until the fitsviewer is opened, which is normally
  after a capture. Obviously, this isn't a great UI. A subsequent PR should create a way for this
  to be set by default across sessions.
  Before this fix, the Statistics Table would never display the HFR, whether it was computed or not.
  This fix moves the display to after the computation, instead of before (which is why it wasn't displayed).
  This fix also changes the algorithm used to SEP instead of CENTROID. At least in the simulator, CENTROID
  was not finding any stars. This should be the default algorithm anyway, as SEP is much better.

  Run the simulator. Set a capture job, e.g. 1s of a red filter. Note HFR is -1 in the statistics table.
  In the fitsviewer menu, go to View -> MarkStars.
  Reset status of the capture job, run it again. You should now get a reasonable HFR value in the statistics table.

  R321 KStars

  hfr-display-fix (branched from master)



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