D23892: Fix HFR calculation, add HFR on focus view, adjust focus UI.

Eric Dejouhanet noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Thu Sep 12 11:45:31 BST 2019

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> mutlaqja wrote in focus.ui:9
> Width must be less than 800 pixels to conform with the rest of the Ekos interface.

Actually, this has no impact on the final UI rendering. That width is only used in the designer, the final width in the application is constrained by the layout rules in the manager. As it happens, the whole view in the designer does not reflect the view in the app, it simply tries its best as it depends on the theme and personalization.

> mutlaqja wrote in fitsview.cpp:946
> That seems a bit too large when it is subframed. Also, the number is clipped. Maybe it should be Above the star? or maybe it should be smaller in this case?

Originally, I made the font size independent from the zoom level. But noise when zoomed made the string unreadable. So I chose to make the font zoom dependent, but with the generic 1280x1024 resolution, the font was far too small in the 800x600 focus UI :) therefore I multiplied by this arbitrary 3.

But I think what you really mean is that the number is clipped when subframing. Thanks, I'll remove HFR printout when subframing, that's not useful with a single star. Correct understanding?

> mutlaqja wrote in fitsview.cpp:952
> for(const auto &center: imageData->getStarCenters())

Will fix. I'm not a fan of auto variables though, they have a tendency to leave unverified code behind if items change their type, and new functions change their meaning.

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